St. Patrick’s Day

As the temperature crept up the thermometer with spring just around the corner, Team Stein decided that a parade was in order. Not just any parade, but a St. Patrick’s Day parade on actual St. Patrick’s Day in St. Paul. Now, our preschooler had recently decided that naps on the weekends were no longer necessary, so that meant we needed to stay distracted to avoid the mini-meltdowns bound to occur in the late afternoon of a no-napper (just ask T…). Plus, we were feeling the brunt of cabin fever and the forecast was sunny and upper 40’s. And, when you’re a little Irish, it would be blasphemous to not celebrate, right? Continue reading


All I Want For Xmas Is A Wife That Doesn’t Break The Car

At what point does the running joke of “Stein Car Problems” become unfunny? Apparently never. Case in point, I receive a phone call from K on my way to work this morning…something slightly out of the norm. I proceed to ask the question, “How’s it going?” and am met with the response, “Not great,” immediately followed by hysterical laughter.

It’s tough to know how to respond to that. So I wait and hear the following confession:

K – “I broke the rear-view mirror.”
Me – (laughing) “How’d you do that?”
K- “I hit the garage.”
Me – (not laughing) “You hit the garage?”
K – “Yeah, we haven’t parked in the garage for so long and there were a lot of things going on. It’s still usable!”
Me – (laughing) “Well, that’s a positive!”

Mind you, this is the day after we just got her car back from the repair shop…and mere months after we had to fix a broken tail light because she backed into a garbage can.

Me – “Well, you have to park in the street from now on.”
K – “I can’t! The snow plows will come and I’ll get stuck!”
Me – “Better add ‘digging out time’ to your morning commute!”

This is why she doesn’t get to drive the leased car.

And you people think I’m the problem.

Happy Halloween!

When your kid wants to be a grape for Halloween, you don’t go for the obvious fruit salad. You go as a Waldorf salad.

(walnut, grape, apple, celery)

Happy Halloween from Team Stein!

Daycare Round 2 – Team Stein vs. The Universe

Last week was a big week in the Team Stein household. As summer came to a close and September rolled in, we were facing the end of an era. K’s final days (ever!) of maternity leave came to a close, and with that came a baby going to daycare for the first time, a toddler becoming a preschooler and making the switch to the big-kid room at school, a mama re-joining the workforce after a short break, and a dad just trying to keep us all from having major meltdowns at any given moment.

Continue reading

The Day The A/C Died

Summertime in Minnesota.  The living’s easy.  Unless your air conditioner breaks during a stretch of 85º, humid weather…with a toddler…and a newborn…and a wife.  Granted, we were operating on borrowed time with this classic 1972 model, built from actual Viking steel, but psychologically I wasn’t ready to bury the ol’ girl.

Air conditioner 1972

I will say that we handled the news fairly well, laughing about how enjoyable it is to buy appliances and discussing whose kidney we got to sell; but the real fun came when we learned no matter what, we were going to have to spend at least four days without cool air coursing through the veins of our house.  Here’s how that went down. Continue reading


A woman’s post-partum body is an interesting thing. While I truly appreciate the fact that this body created two healthy tiny humans and is currently physically keeping one of them alive, I don’t appreciate the ‘stretched-out-jiggle’ that those tiny humans left me with across my midsection. So I decided that I’d just start running to get that pre-baby body back. Problem solved.

Except I haven’t done any intense physical activity since we’ve moved here. And to be honest, I didn’t do that much before we moved here either. I quit twirling in 2012, did a few months of boot camp after that, and then decided to just be. Continue reading

Rainbow Nursery

rainbow nursery gender neutral

Here we are, within days of Baby Stein #2’s arrival and I’ve finally completed the nursery! We are beyond excited to welcome this little one into such a bright, colorful world. All furniture is from IKEA, and most everything else is handcrafted by me. Q did create his own 2 pieces of artwork for the baby and you can see it hung low by the bookshelf. The only thing left is to create an initial for the door once we know if we have a boy or girl joining our family.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this space for our last baby, and it feels so good to be done with this space. We’re ready for you anytime little one! Continue reading

Recipe Recap: Paleo, Non-Paleo and Gestational Diabetes Edition

As some of you may know from our last post, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the final trimester of my pregnancy this time around. While the diagnosis was scary, emotional and unfamiliar (I didn’t have this with Q), it has been a learning experience over the last 10 weeks. I know that I’m not to blame for this – thank you hormones and placenta – but I have come to grips with the pokes and adjustments to my diet. With this diagnosis, I’ve had to say goodbye to cereal and spaghetti, but it really isn’t that much different than how we eat on a regular basis. Plus, I’m feeling really great because I am eating so healthy!

With that, I’ve compiled some of the recipes that we’ve enjoyed over the last few months. I’ve noted those that have worked really well with my GD diagnosis…just in case some of you find yourselves in this position in the future. With a few adjustments, you can still enjoy fabulous foods while keeping your blood sugars in check. Continue reading

The Dad Who Failed At Blogging

Once upon a time, there was a dad who failed at blogging.  He was supposed to be writing stories for random people on the internet about the trials and tribulations of being an adult, parental human being.  This dad lived across from a magical creek, near The Enchanted Internet Cafe, filled with grande drinks, water slides, sports balls, and free wifi connection.  But whenever The Dad Who Failed At Blogging attempted to slip between the brush and reach The Enchanted Internet Cafe, something pulled him back to The World of Real Life; an evil wizard called Laziness.  Whenever The Dad Who Failed At Blogging thought he had enough mental fortitude to sit down and write about the chaos in The World of Real Life, Laziness would cast a spell, forcing The Dad Who Failed At Blogging to watch TV, or drink a beer, or even sleep.  This happened day after day, week after week, month after month; until one day, The Dad Who Failed At Blogging figured out a plan to trick Laziness.  The Dad Who Failed At Blogging put on his finest pair of corduroy pants, he threw on a shirt made from shrink-resistant cotton, and he sat down on his porch. When the evil wizard appeared, The Dad Who Failed At Blogging jumped up out of his chair, reached into his pocket, pulled out a vile, and drank a mysterious 5-hour energy potion that gave him the strength of 27 dewdrops from the mountain.  His vitality increased about as much as his heart rate; and, The Dad Who Failed At Blogging began running in circles around Laziness. The wizard looked left, then right, but on this day The Dad Who Failed At Blogging was too fast to capture.  With a slow-motion jump straight into a pair of rocket-powered rollerblades, The Dad Who Failed At Blogging shot like a cannon through the thicket and into The Enchanted Internet Cafe.  Unfortunately, The Dad Who Failed At Blogging was unprepared for the power of free wifi.

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