For those who don’t know, T has been living in MN since early February when he started his job. While adjusting to life in the great north, he had plenty time to jot down his thoughts, knowing that this blog would be coming as soon as K made the news public. The next series of posts will be from Ts logs while living on his own for the first time in forever and adjusting to a new job, apartment and life without a wife.  Enjoy!  -K

After I got off work I was planning to head to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house up in Alexandria, MN to meet up with the fam.  Mom, Dad, K and The Dude were embarking on a road trip from Omaha so that I could see everybody after my first week of work.  Little did I know, their normally 7 ½ hour drive was going to take them 9 hours because Dad has trouble driving The Bruiser late at night.  (The Bruiser is the nickname we gave the “band van” after numerous endeavors that included smashing the front of Paul’s old car and jack-knifing the trailer with all the band gear into the bumper.)  If we’re being honest here, Dad just has trouble driving the Bruiser at all.  It’s a 1992 conversion van that drives like a tank…and you feel like you’re in a tank because you can’t see anything around you…all you can do is drive straight and hope for the best.

Well, even after stopping to play pinball for a few hours before I left town, I still arrived in Alex about an hour before they did.  There was a nice, light snow coming down, so I drove around for awhile, checking out old landmarks we used to go to as a kid…Ollie the Viking, Arrowood Golf Course and the gas station to name a few.  Finally, I decided just to head to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and call it a night.  They’d show up when they’d show up.  Well, I headed that way, avoiding the family of deer that decided to cross the road at midnight, and made my way toward Lake Ida.  Around this time, a car coming from the direction that my family should have been coming from flashed its brights in my review and followed me a few miles before I turned down the gravel road to my grandparents’ house.  The car behind me followed, so I figured it was my family.  As I went around the corner towards Garfield Lane, the lights disappeared behind me.  Then, as I pulled up to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, there was no car behind me.  It’s past midnight, so of course I start thinking, “Great…dad took the Bruiser into a ditch and now I have to go dig them out at 12:30am.”  So I back up and go looking for the old van, off in a field somewhere.  But, I don’t see any flashing lights or smoke billowing from a radiator.  Honestly, I don’t see any signs of an actual car, which is weird because there was one just behind 15 seconds ago.  So now I’m starting to question whether or not I’m actually awake.  I head back to the highway and go back towards the deer crossing the road, because that’s where the whole story started to get weird in the first place.  About a mile later, I pass the Bruiser, methodically heading towards Grandma and Grandpa’s, so I flip a u-turn and follow the tank in for the remaining few miles of the journey (which I’ve already traveled twice now, mind you).

I never did figure out what the hell happened to that other car…or if there really was another car…but at that point I was too tired to care, which makes me a quality contributor to society.  Both K and The Dude were excited to see me.  K was so excited that she brought me a plant, or so I thought.  It wasn’t just a plant, it was a vase containing a plant and Little Dude, the beta fish she got for me so I’d have some company in the lonely apartment.  Unfortunately, when she first gave me the vase I didn’t see the fish in there, so I thought she just got me a plant and named the plant Little Dude.  It wasn’t until the next morning that we discovered this error, which had us both laughing pretty hard.  It actually made me feel a little better because I was a little worried that my wife had gone insane in the five days she hadn’t seen me and started naming plants.

The next day we got up, had our usual breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa, played some cards, ate lunch and then headed for the Twin Cities.  Unbeknownst to K, I booked us a hotel and planned a trip for us to go snowboarding as sort of a late Valentine’s Day date, partially because I knew how hard she had been working to get the house cleaned are ready to sell, and partially because I was tired of sleeping on an air mattress.  It had been about 3 years (at least) since we had been snowboarding, so the Hyland “mountain” in a suburb of Minneapolis suited us quite nicely.  It’s like Crescent, but 5 times bigger and 5 times better.  We went for the Night Light session from 7p-9p, so there were far less people to fall in front of, which was a good thing.  All in all, a good late Valentine’s Day date night.  But, the story gets sappy here because it did make me miss her all the more when she left the next day.  I apologize if you just threw up in your mouth.


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