For those who don’t know, T has been living in MN since early February when he started his job. While adjusting to life in the great north, he had plenty time to jot down his thoughts, knowing that this blog would be coming as soon as K made the news public. The next series of posts will be from Ts logs while living on his own for the first time in forever and adjusting to a new job, apartment and life without a wife.  Enjoy!  -K

So there’s a good chance I’ve taken up an old hobby…because I’m bored.  Really, when you think about it, aren’t all hobbies started out of shear boredom?  No one is born with a love of model trains, are they?  They can’t possibly be.  It’s not something you sit around dreaming about…being a model train builder.  It just happens.  One day you look around, realize you don’t have any friends…you can’t go outside and play because you’re not good at sports, or your parents are afraid you’ll get corrupted by skateboarding…and you think, “Hey…I better do something with my life.  I know!  I’ll build a tiny town, complete with a mode of transportation that hasn’t been viable since 1900, and it will be so detailed that friends will flock to me like pigeons!  Yes…my minion of pigeon friends!”  Thankfully, I was good at sports.

Anyways, I actually went to a St. Paul comic book store today.  Two days before I left for this Minnesota adventure, I stumbled upon “Comic Book Men” on Netflix.  It’s an original series from Kevin Smith about the everyday operations of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, the comic book store he owns in New Jersey.  Being a Kevin Smith fan (of course someone who sits around and makes TV shows with his friends would look up to Kevin Smith), I decided to check it out.  Look, I’ll admit, it’s not for everyone, namely females.  But, it did make me say to myself, “If only I had millions of dollars and could own a comic book store.”  And, the whole reconnecting with comics felt like fate because when packing up my things before the move I came across my old comic book collection…all 20 of them.  (Like I said, I could play sports…it wasn’t a huge hobby.)

Fast-forward to this past week.  After I got cable at the apartment, I stumbled upon another episode of Comic Book Men on AMC and thought, “Well…I’ve got nothing better to do…maybe there’s a comic book store around here. “  There was…a rather large one at that.  So I went in and immediately decided I had no business being in this comic book store.  It was as big as a Circuit City and had comics, games, and superhero paraphernalia as for as the eye could see.  I needed to ease back into this hobby.  I mean hell, I didn’t even really know what comics I owned (except Ghost Rider #1…I’ll always remember picking up that collectors item…well it was a collectors item until Nic Cage ruined that franchise), let alone what I should buy in today’s market.  So I aimlessly wondered around for a bit before deciding to look for Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet comic franchise.  He was the reason I was in the store in the first place, and maybe if I picked up his books it would somehow make this nonsensical story come full circle.  After spending 10 minutes trying to figure out if the comics were even organized, I came across Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #1, which I purchased for a mere $6.95.  And if I have no friends in 5 years, this is the story of how I got back into comic book collecting.


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