For those who don’t know, T has been living in MN since early February when he started his job. While adjusting to life in the great north, he had plenty time to jot down his thoughts, knowing that this blog would be coming as soon as K made the news public. The next series of posts will be from Ts logs while living on his own for the first time in forever and adjusting to a new job, apartment and life without a wife.  Enjoy!  -K

I woke up at 5am this morning.  I was awake until at least 6:18 a.m.  I know because I checked my phone.  Why does one wake up at 5 a.m. for approximately an hour and eighteen minutes when they don’t have to?  I’ll tell you why.  They wake up at that hour because they can hear the quite distinguishable sound of animal claws resonating off of aluminum.  In this case, the type of animal claw is yet to be determined, but the aluminum was the air ducts in my basement dwelling.  I sleep underneath one of the air ducts.  On top of that, the air duct has a vent that faces down directly over my head.  So, at 5 a.m., I awoke to that lovely sound and promptly placed a blanket over my head, as if that was going to somehow protect me from the animal in question peeing on the vent…or, worse yet…dropping a Turd Ferguson right on my head.  It sounded like it could be a lost squirrel (best case scenario), or perhaps the cat from upstairs that had decide to unscrew a vent and take a tour of the inner-workings of the house (better than best case scenario).  It was probably a mouse…or a rat…or Master Splinter.  Any way you slice it, this is what I thought about for an hour and eighteen minutes while I was trying to fall back asleep.  If I catch the plague, now you know why.


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