Broken Things

After receiving the image of the broken down truck on the side of the interstate last night along with 2 missed calls and a voicemail from T, I should have known that a fresh start on Monday would not be enough to lighten the stress in my life right now. I mean, let’s be serious….I live with a Stein.

To set the scene, the last few weeks have been a little bit difficult on the Omaha front without my permanent roomie. I am dealing with packing the entire house, maintaining the yard, transferring utilities, changing our address for everything that gets mailed to us, taking care of the dog & fish, starting a new job, projects for the personal side-business, cleaning the house, making the few repairs that are required by the home inspection, completing and submitting all paperwork for the sale and purchase of homes, organizing files, cleaning up dog poop and trying to not to lose my mind in the process. Add to that the emotional roller coaster that comes with knowing your first home and everything it represents is about to be in the hands of a new family, and I am clearly maxed out…physically, mentally and emotionally.

Plus, this little incident occurred over the weekend.

broken instapix go team stein

Yes, that is a brand new Instapix camera that fell down the stairs outside after being used one time for what we’ll refer to as “the most expensive Stein polaroid photo ever.” Yes, it was my fault. No, I haven’t moved on yet. I’m still mourning its loss.

Upon check-in with T this morning, I discovered that he had a broken serpentine belt and he should be on his way again at about 11am. “Well,” I think to myself, “that doesn’t seem so serious.” Feeling like we escaped some terrible fate, I went happily on my way to work this morning, dreaming of summers at lakes and DIY projects at our new home. I should have known that diagnosis was too good to be true when dealing with a Stein vehicle. Shortly after settling into my desk for the start of week 2 at the new job, I receive the following text:

“Needs a new radiator too. $600.”

Hmm, still not terrible. Not great, but it could be worse. They can repair it, T can make it to work and life is still okay. I quickly put the worries to the side and tackle the PowerPoint that has been assigned to me. Then this happens:

“And now the problems come…discovered a blown gasket. Engine has to come apart. Won’t be ready until Thursday. Lots more dollars. Rental car, here I come.”

Well, shit. There go my daydreams of rainbows, unicorns and butterflies. What started as a minor setback has now turned into a full-blown problem.

Let’s recap the Stein’s situation since Sunday at 7pm: T is stuck in Mason City, the Ranger is in pieces, our bank account is quickly disintegrating, we have 3 weeks until we close on a house, we can’t afford a new car until said house is closed upon, my left eye has been twitching since Monday and my right eye is beginning to twitch as well. Clearly, an undesirable situation. 2013 is turning out to be quite the year, now including a change in vehicle to go along with our change in location.

So, what have we learned from today’s adventure?

  • Lesson 1: don’t put rocks on your water overflow when there is clearly a bigger problem.
  • Lesson 2: A 6’3” person doesn’t fit very well into a Toyota Yaris.
  • Lesson 3: don’t trust the camera straps that come with the Instapix. They fail miserably.

yaris go team stein


yaris go team stein




3 thoughts on “Broken Things

  1. da & ma says:

    Sounds like a hoot to me 🙂 lov da

    Mom said, “shikataganai” … shit happens

    Of course, she’s used to a lot of shit:) … she too is married to a Stein;)

  2. Momma Ann says:

    oh honey… will get better……………you need some TLC…

  3. Court says:

    First at foremost…I am truly sorry about your situation and that really does suck. And second of all, I should have known that nothing goes your way when you are married to a Stein! lol When I heard about everything….I knew that more was to come with you two! When it rains, it pours 🙂

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