Things I’ve Learned in MN This Week

1. Leaving 15 minutes earlier results in 20 minutes being knocked off my drive time. Rush hour in the cities is a very different beast than Omaha.

2. I’ve forgotten how to live in the same house as my husband. Having someone to talk to that is of the human species is much different than regular conversations with a German Shepherd that doesn’t have an opinion about anything.

3. I hate unpacking boxes more than packing them.

4. Having a garage full of stuff means you have to park outside again after parking inside for 5 years. This is especially annoying when it’s raining every morning and you haven’t found your umbrella yet.

5. There is no Hobby Lobby here. What’s a crafty girl to do?

6. Creating a garden from a patch of grass is much tougher when you don’t have in-laws doing the manual labor.

7. Moving into a house that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned since the year I was born is gross. Like chocolate-chips-stuck-in-the-back-of-kitchen-cupboards gross.

8. Lining shelves with contact paper sucks the life out of me. And that damn paper will always get stuck to itself no matter what you do.

One thought on “Things I’ve Learned in MN This Week

  1. Melinda Moore says:

    K – if you are looking for crafty places, hit up Joanne Fabric or Michaels…better coupons and sales at JF, in my opinion 🙂

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