Minnesota School

Seeing as how I’m learning new Minnesota things each week, I’m going to start a regular ‘series’ of posts that I am calling Minnesota School. This state never fails to teach me something each day.  -K

1. Things have different names here. Ranch-style homes are Ramblers. Casseroles are Hot Dishes. Native MInnesotans will look at you like you’re an idiot if you use the wrong term.

2. Replacing a broken garbage disposal in the Stein household requires more tools than I’ve ever seen used in our home, 4 days of the sink being unusable, the entire Team Stein roster, 1 phone call to my dad, the patience of a monk and the IQ of Stephen Hawking. It also takes a minimum of 3 separate trips to Home Depot.

Go Team Stein Garbage Disposal Repair

3. The road trips from MN to NE are way better with travel buddies. They are also much more crowded, require twice the packing time and will leave no sooner than 2 hours after the desired departure time.


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