Fish & Chips

So…it has been a while since we’ve posted. Sorry about that. A lot has been happening on the Team Stein front and we just haven’t had the time to update in a while. I’m hoping to get caught up over the weekend, so get yourselves ready!

While we haven’t had a chance to really venture out and explore the new city, we have had the opportunity for a few nights out on the town. And by out on the town, I mean going for dinner, maybe spicing it up with a drink for each of us, then home by 10pm. Man, we’re wild!

For our first date adventure in the big city, T and I ventured out to try a new restaurant. We had heard great things about The Anchor Fish & Chips and decided that fish and chips was going to be on our plates for dinner. I told T the address and off we went! After driving 20 blocks past the place on the first go-round, we finally made it to the restaurant. One look at the small menu, and we were instantly transported back to our week traveling on the canals of England and eating in small English pubs along the way. Bangers and chips, shepherd’s pie, fish and chips…it was all there, though luckily Black Pudding didn’t make the cut. One taste of that is enough for a lifetime! We already knew that we were going with the fish and chips, so we placed our orders and enjoyed the cold beers while we waited. And that wait was definitely worth it. I’m not a huge fan of fish, but I would eat this everyday if I was willing to live with the weight that I would gain.


Anchor fish and chips

Yum. You should eat this.


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