Ride It

Go team stein bike
Over the course of my life I’ve had a few bikes. A few of those few bikes were new. My personal biking adventures started off when was just a wee lad with FS165, a killer, black beast that was awesomeness on four wheels…then eventually two. From there I moved on to a used dirt bike, which was cool because of its blue seat (that was plastic and about as comfortable as sitting on a steel reenforced ice cream bucket). Around the age of sixth grade, I got a new mountain bike, grey and yellow, for those keeping track of the color wheel at home. And that was my last new bike…until yesterday. After living my entire young adult and adult life with a series of hand-me-down bipedal contraptions that were bought for people much smaller than myself, I can now say, “I’m riding my own big person bike.” And, while quite awesome in its own right, it’s still no golf cart.


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