Tiki Biker Bar

Psycho Suzis Motor Lounge

The fun patio

A few weeks ago, we were invited to Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge by our realtors (who are incredible and highly recommended by Team Stein for anyone looking for space in the Twin Cities!) for an evening on the patio to celebrate our move to the city. The whole place was decorated in a biker-tiki theme (interesting, I know) with a large patio overlooking the river. Thank goodness for the ice-cold, free-flowing drinks because it was a HOT evening in the sun. The restaurant had an amazing drink menu featuring all kinds of tropical drinks. I indulged with a Psycho Zombie tiki-drink. Frozen Coke and lime slushy with rum and a cherry on top…oh, you had me at frozen with rum. I think T went out on a limb and ordered a beer. That’s my adventurous mate!

For dinner, our table ordered a few appetizers and Team Stein went with two different sandwiches for our meal. Our food was also delicious, though I was a bigger fan of the drink selection. The sauce for the chicken wings was amazing and I was loving the tater tots. Seriously, who doesn’t love those little bites of potato heaven?

Our favorite part? The “Minnesota sushi” (pickles wrapped in cream cheese and ham). It’s because we’re such a high-class couple.

Minnesota sushi


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