Weekend Recap

It was a blitzkrieg type of weekend for Team Stein, so lets see if we can get the same type review:


Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

Friday night:
We got some free tickets to the Basilica Block Party, a crazy weekend long music festival put on by a non-profit church. But, it turns out this was more of a green, rock and roll party than people getting dunked in a river, singing old hymns and clapping like white people on the 1 and the 3 (as my friend Matt Geiler likes to point out). Once we found that out, we were excited to head to the party and see the legit bands like Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Matt Nathanson, and Father John Misty (who was not a man of the cloth, but a sultry dancing machine that was hilariously taking shots at any sponsor he could).


Basilica of St. Mary

First things first, we had to get downtown. Take the car? Take the truck (risky by any account)? Bike? Not Team Stein…we dove head first into public transportation, just to see what happened. That meant the bus. K got that route mapped out on the ol’ phone, we drove to the ‘Park and Ride’ and caught the express bus downtown. We even transferred buses…a success by all accounts. The show was a great time, as the photos depict, but the real fun was on the way home…”returning on the bus from whence we came.” We had planned it out so that we had about 40mins to walk a block and catch the bus…seemingly enough time to accomplish that task…seemingly. We made the distance in a minute, giving us 39 minutes to spare. Then we saw a conveniently placed sign on the bus stop that indicated our bus was not stopping at the bus stop because of the Basilica Block Party. No problem. We had plenty of time to walk the ten blocks to catch our transfer bus, thus eliminating the transfer and saving us even more time. So, we started walking, following the directions on K’s phone. When we got to the intersection we were directed to we discovered one major problem…there was no bus stop. There were plenty of bus stops near that intersection, but they didn’t have the bus line we needed…which was troublesome because the train didn’t run at night and it would be a costly cab ride back north, which our bus fare probably wouldn’t cover. After 20 minutes of looking at the phone map, asking a few restaurant workers, and even multiple bus drivers of buses we weren’t even getting on, someone told us we were on the wrong street (even though the Metro Transit website said we were right where we were supposed to be). So, with only 6 minutes before the bus came, we quickened our pace as we head ed down the street. As we turned the corner, off in the distance, some two blocks away, we saw a bus…that was pulling away from the stop. Luckily, it wasn’t the bus we needed. The bus we needed was right behind the one that just pulled away, and people were loading into it. That meant only one thing…running through the streets of downtown Minneapolis to catch a bus. (Something I can honestly say I never thought I would do.) So, in our Birkenstocks and flip flops, we took off down the street…ran through a ‘Don’t Walk’ sign, and caught the bus, just in the nick of time. $3, 45 mins, and damn near every flipping stop later, we arrived back near the ‘Park and Ride,’ where we had left the truck 6 hours earlier. And as we were walking to the truck, discussing our bus adventure, the train pulled up to the station and started letting people out. Apparently, the train was running that night because of a Kenny Chesney concert at Target Field. We were right by the train station downtown when we were frantically trying to find a bus stop that didn’t exist. Lesson learned…trains>buses.

Metro Transit 1, K & T – 0.


The train…that arrived just as we were getting to the car.

We made pickles…


…and went to a free History Channel BBQ.


20130715-084511.jpg   20130715-084518.jpg

Not as exciting as public transportation.


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