1920’s Style

Heights theater

When heading out for our 2nd date night in MN, we decided that a movie would be the way to go. After searching online for a local theater, I stumbled across reviews for the Heights Theater. Everyone posting was raving about the theater, the experience and the love the owners have for the place, so I knew that I needed to research this place further. T and I are suckers for a locally-owned, neighborhood place and we were desperate to find a place near-by that would fill the void that the Aksarben theater left when we moved.

After finding the website, I was definitely hooked. The Heights is a 1920’s era theater that has been restored to all of its former glory. There’s a single screen, box office window, piano in the carpeted lobby, chandeliers, curtains that open when your feature starts, and an organ that is played by a real person on the weekends while you wait for your movie to start. Talk about fancy! We were seeing the Great Gatsby, so it was only appropriate that The Heights was our theater of choice.

The best thing about the Heights Theater, besides the charm that the theater holds? There’s a 1950’s restored Dairy Queen with adjoining patio right next door for dessert after your movie. Yes please!

The gorgeous interior


2 thoughts on “1920’s Style

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  2. N8Bass says:

    I want to go to there!

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