Spam Balls

We have been to The Blue Door Pub twice now, once in Minneapolis and once in St. Paul. Both times were wonderful…for the most part. The restaurant specializes in Blucy’s, which is a version of the Minnesota favorite Juicy Lucy burger. Yes, the burgers were great. Yes, the atmosphere was fun. Yes, I still love tator tots and this place makes Cajun ones.

But let’s get down to business here. T heard that this place has Spam balls and we had to try them. You heard me correctly. Spam balls. Spam. That stuff in a can that is supposed to resemble meat. But hey, we are experiencing new things and we aren’t going to say no, so we ordered them. Not knowing what to expect, when the basket full of 6 large golf ball sized, fried monstrosities arrived, we may have shivered at the terrible choice we had made. After digging in, that fear was realized. These things were essentially a small ice cream scoop of cream cheese with bits of spam and pickles mixed in, then coated and deep fried.

Probably delicious if you prefer eating a ball of heart attack, but we’re shooting to stay alive to enjoy our Golden years. Hey, we have to make a bad choice every now and again right?


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