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The Cabin in the Woods


Well, it was time to celebrate our five-year anniversary…the “Wood” anniversary, as traditionalists call it.  We’re something of traditionalists ourselves because each year, on our anniversary, we like to get each other a little present from the traditionalist list.  This year, on top of the gifts of a wooden record player and a wooden T-Rapasaurus Rex, we took it too another level and spent two nights in a log cabin in the middle of the Minnesota woods.  When you make it to five years, you gotta take things up a notch. Continue reading


Cure to a long week? Food.

After a particularly long week, which included both vomit and #2 from the dog on the inside of the house, T and I decided that we needed to recover with copious amounts of fried food and sweets. Where do we find such a wonderful place with those treats? Enter the wonderful event that is the Minnesota State Fair. Continue reading

Officially the End

I know it’s officially the end of summer when the tomatoes start turning red. They’re small, but we love them anyway.



Because we are short on space in our new kitchen, I bought some cute little spice jars from World Market that stick on the fridge. They were a bit plain, and didn’t have a place to label their contents, so I whipped up some cute labels tonight. So much better!



Almost Famous

T has officially made it big time in Minnesota with his television debut.

Below Deck

While we are still living somewhat in boxes, we have been able to organize the basement into what I’ll call the boys club. T has unpacked and settled in quite nicely, extremely proud of his childhood toy display.

I, on the other hand, am extremely proud of the hand sewn curtains…done without the help of my mom! Oh how we’re both growing up.




Weekend Recap

We’ve had visitors the past 2 weekends, which included birthday celebrations, sporting events and exploring the cities with friends from back home. Here’s a photo tour for your enjoyment.

20130812-091837.jpg Continue reading

The Curse of the Laundry Room

You know what’s frightening? When you’re walking through a laundry room, dark and musty, lit only by a single light bulb on a pull chain. And, just as you reach for the string to turn off the incandescent glow, you see some random shapes float through the shadows. That’s what happens when your wife is upstairs using the laundry shoot at exactly the most in-opportune time. You see the shirt ghost of your wife…and it haunts your dreams.


Ever have a morning where you spill almost your entire brand new thing of makeup then go out to find you left your windows partially down during an overnight shower?

No? Lucky you.


I think I can lay claim to all 10,000 lakes now. K thinks I should make one of these, Continue reading