Monthly Archives: September 2013

Let the Renovation Begin!

We’ve started our very first home renovation project in the new place – moving a bedroom wall.

I always think the best part about a renovation is that first hole in the drywall. Making a mess. Being destructive. I attack that wall with no intention of letting it survive in any way. That wall is coming down by the power of my two hands and/or feet.

T agrees, he’s just a much gentler person than I, so his process is a bit different than mine.


Help Needed!

Last night we attended the Michael Buble concert. Can we just take a moment to revel in the talent that is MB? Wow. Just wow.



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South Dakota. The land of…

So we headed to South Dakota recently.  Some know it as the land of low business taxes, but that’s not what drew us to the Black Hills this time around.  We weren’t even headed that way to see three famous presidents and the nerd with glasses they stuck in the back.  (I kid because I care, Teddy.)

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