Seriously, DOT? Why are you doing this?


Shortly after we moved, as in 2 weeks after we moved in, construction began on the major interstate that both of us had to take to work and generally anywhere that we want to go outside of our suburb. Extremely intense construction that often led to only one open lane, ramp closures and 15-30 minute commute increases on a good day. Couple that with the super-skilled drivers in MN and the fact that we weren’t familiar with the alternate route options, and Team Stein ended up on QUITE a few “I have no idea where we are or how we get to our destination and Siri is super confused so I guess I’ll keep driving until we see something familiar” excursions in the Cities.

You can imagine my elation when I noticed on Friday that the section of interstate near us was wide-open and being used at full capacity. My commute got shorter by at least 10 minutes each way, there were no more complete stops while waiting for people to figure out how to merge, the sun was shining and choirs of angels singing praises….for 2 whole days.

Then my on-ramp got shut down, detours began and it took 20 extra minutes to get to work today. F that.


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