We built this.


Keeping in line with turning our house into our home, we’ve created and unpacked the travel wall, our collection of souvenirs and memorabilia from our travels to far off places.

We started with a blank wall in the living room. Knowing it needed to be painted and having a hard time figuring out a color, I found this tutorial for a wooden headboard. After adapting the measurements for our space, we headed to Home Depot for supplies. We found our wood, screws and stain and headed home for the first “big” home improvement project after completing our weekend apprenticeship with my dad.

The apprenticeship helped with the studs, but clearly didn’t teach us how to buy the proper length of screw or to make sure that the outlet would still be accessible after moving the wall out a few inches. The second trip to Home Depot included different screws and an outlet extender. Clearly, we had all the supplies we would need, right?

Wrong. After staining all the boards and starting to mount them, we got down to the last board and there was clearly a 9-inch gap at the bottom of the wall. How is this possible, we measured 3 times before we started!? To Home Depot once more…


Once the wall was up, we enjoyed it that way until we could get to IKEA for a shelf/table. After that, we were able to unpack and display all of our worldly treasures. Finally, this place is feeling more like our home instead of a place we’re living for the time being.

What we’ve learned: Stein home improvement projects really do require a minimum of 3 trips to Home Depot, one trip to IKEA, something getting broken and 3 hours more that I think it will take.



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