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The Car Saga Continues

– Lets be honest, it’s a never-ending saga when you are a Stein and own an automobile.  This is a fact K is still trying to wrap her mind around because she’s more into novellas.  So, what’s the most recent development?  Time to set the scene! –

It was the 13th year of the 21st century.  November.  Just north of Minneapolis.  Windy and cold, with a chance of problems.

As the morning sun was just starting to peer over the horizon, The Dude decided it was time to eat.  After a few minutes of whining, T got up to see if the beast was actually having a bathroom emergency.  He was not…he was simply making it known that he was hungry and hungry now.  This was at about 6:30am, roughly 15 minutes before K’s alarm was to set to go off.  Reluctantly, she rose from the depths of her comforter to put The Dude outside and fulfill his eating requirements.  T went back to bed.  And then, this normal Tuesday turned into a morning that would make Jay-Z think about re-writing “99 Problems.” Continue reading


Who you gonna call?

Funny how a backpack-style leafblower turns a 32-year-old into a 7-year-old pretending to be a Ghostbuster for an entire Saturday afternoon…


Upgrades To Hotel Stein

Hotel Stein has undergone some major upgrades since October. On top of providing our guests with the latest in aquatic beds, we’re introducing themed rooms, a la the infamous Settle Inn. Now, you can enjoy staying in the “Television Room,” complete with posters and pictures of TV shows you should really already know about. (If you haven’t seen them, maybe you shouldn’t inquire about staying.) On top of the great view of the trees in the front yard, you can get 24 over-the-air channels, a shared bathroom, and a complimentary “bars and tone” wake up call. Make your reservation today!


The Concrete Jungle


I just spent a week in NYC for part-work, part-pleasure. I invited both of my moms along for the trip, and we had a blast exploring all the Big Apple has to offer. We went up the Empire State Building, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, saw a Broadway show and ate our weight in wonderful food. Continue reading