Gingerbread House Hunter

It’s fairly common knowledge that The Dude (our dog) has a sweet tooth for the fine dining of holiday delicacies, notably candy corn and gingerbread houses.  When we say “fine dining,” we really mean “aged candy.”  Five years ago, when we moved into our first house, K, being the astute Christmas decorator that she is, put out T’s childhood gingerbread house for display on a table that was at German shepherd eye-level.  Needless to say, the 22-year-old candy was never seen or heard from again and only the foundation of a once-great architectural structure remains.


Like anyone who has lost their gingerbread home would do, we rebuilt in a more modern fashion, making a new, slick structure, complete with a chimney, window dressings, and exposed hard candy…plus a rug that really tied the room together.  Though it wasn’t clear at the time, The Dude had already begun plotting his next house hunt, in a rouse that would make Bunny Lebowski stand up and applaud.  It was a plot that was 4 years in the making…


Fast-forward (or rewind…depending on how you look at it) to June of this year.  We had just moved to our new house in Minnesota.  Boxes still cluttered most of the rooms as we tried to get life in order and settled in all at the same time.  This was when The Dude set the wheels of his plot in motion.  In the weeks that passed, we finally dwindled the pile of unpacked things to a manageable 12 boxes, stacked in the front room.  The Dude passed by those boxes everyday, for nearly a month, knowing full-well that one of those boxes contained the new gingerbread house.  We did not.  On a random Thursday, when we were both at work, The Dude made his move, meticulously opening a box, taking the gingerbread house out of a plastic bag, and eating it down to the foundation.  There was no damage to the box, nor scattered plastic bag parts.  Only the house was gone.


Needless to say, there is not a gingerbread house at the Stein residence this year…but we have the funny feeling that The Dude already has us wrapped up in his next gingerbread house hunting plot…and we just don’t know it yet.


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