Monthly Archives: January 2014

Renovations at Hotel Stein


Just in time for Super Bowl weekend, Hotel Stein underwent some major bathroom renovations. Updates include a new shower, new sink, new paint, new hardware and a general feeling of moving from 1970 into modern times. We’ve got plenty of availability, you should book your room today! Continue reading


Snack Attack


While I can’t take credit for this idea, these are a super cute treat for a party snack. Continue reading

A Face You Remember

As we were returning some items to IKEA last Thursday, something awesome happened.
Continue reading

Frozen Tundra

While I don’t condone the hunting of bears just to display their skin as a rug on the floor, I wouldn’t hate the person who could send me a polar bear fur in order to keep warm today. The temperature here is a balmy wind chill of -50 to -60 degrees and I’ve never been this cold in my life.

I’ve always said I was a cold weather person, but this is seriously testing my love for all things winter.