Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Dude Abides…Being Washed

What started out as a typical day for The Dude took a very interesting turn (much like The Big Lebowski) around the 6pm hour.  At first he was quite excited, for being loaded up into the car usually meant a great adventure for him.  But, after only a 10 minute drive downtown, he knew something wasn’t right.20140331-085503.jpg

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Drag Queens and Submarines


I spent last weekend in Denver for work/fun…and no weekend with my girlfriends is without exciting activities. Continue reading

Truck Adventures: The Final Chapter


I know what you’re expecting.  A glorious story about how the old red truck and I tried to climb Mt Everest together, coming up just short, and the truck saying, “No…you go on ahead…I’ll stay behind.”  Or maybe even a medium-speed car chase that ended with me sprinting away from the truck as a Lethal Weapon 3 style explosion happened in the background.  Well…that would have been a fitting outcome, but what actually happened is far more anticlimactic.

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Arcade Upgrade

It’s a well-known fact that T enjoys turning the Stein basement…wherever it may be…into a 1980’s arcade that would make Marty McFly feel right at home in the future.
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Broders’ Cucina Italiana


It’s been a while, but T and I finally had a dinner out at a new place. We decided to tackle Broders’ on Monday night after hearing wonderful things from coworkers and watching this segment from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

We were not disappointed.

We both had a slice of sausage pizza and we shared the penne with sausage and peppers and a three cheese penne.

Who wants to join us at Broders’ next time they come to visit??