The Dude Abides…Being Washed

What started out as a typical day for The Dude took a very interesting turn (much like The Big Lebowski) around the 6pm hour.  At first he was quite excited, for being loaded up into the car usually meant a great adventure for him.  But, after only a 10 minute drive downtown, he knew something wasn’t right.20140331-085503.jpg

Without The Dude knowing, we had taken him to a dog washing facility…or hell, as he would probably describe it.  This was Team Stein’s first trip to a “dog wash,” which made for a few interesting moments…such as dead-lifting your 115 lbs dog into a waist-high, metal tub; trying to get your 115 lbs dog to turn around said tub; and getting your 115 lbs dog to exit the wash basin.20140331-085523.jpg

It also lead to the use of the “drying room,” where dogs go to dry…and lose their dignity (as evidence by the picture below).20140331-085534.jpg

You could almost hear his internal monologue when we got in there: “Alright…this isn’t so bad.  Now what are we doing in here?  Wait, what’s that thing in your…oh…oh no.  What.  The.  Hell.  Very un-Dude like.”

Luckily for him, we felt bad, which led to a cheeseburger feast.20140331-085550.jpg



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