A Convention That Was Out of This World

In our continuing quest to “do all the things,” we attended the Minneapolis Comic Con this past weekend.  Our thought was, “This could be fun…it’ll be like going to a bigger comic book store.  I mean, it’s not like it’s THE Comic Con in LA where people go crazy and dress up.  Heck, maybe we’ll find a few superhero man cave collectibles and something fun for Baby Stein.”  Instead, we walked into this:


20140504-195903.jpg 20140504-195855.jpg 20140504-195847.jpg 20140504-195840.jpg

It’s safe to say we underestimated the size, scope, and nerdom of the comic book world.  It knows no bounds.  Someday, when the apocalypse occurs, it’ll be interesting to see which faction wins “The War of the Cos-Players” in Minnesota…Comic Con-ers or Renaissance Fair-ees.







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