Monthly Archives: June 2014

Water Plays A Practical Joke

Sometimes, when you’re going to buy berbere spice for a new Ethiopian recipe you’re going to try, you get caught in a torrential downpour.

Sometimes, 20 minutes later the very same day, you get a bucket of water dumped on your head when you’re 10ft from your car in the Walmart parking lot. At least that’s what we assume happened…because rain doesn’t usually soak you in 2secs…



Little Dude – A Real Big Fish

We had to say goodbye to Little Dude, the Betta fish, last night.

Team Stein, Betta Fish, Dude

Way back in Feb. of 2013, when I first moved to Minneapolis by myself, K got me what I thought was a plant to make my basement dwelling a bit more homely. Turns out, there was a fish in the jar with the plant.

Team Stein, Dude, Betta Fish

“His name is Little Dude,” she said late one evening at my grandparent’s house. “So you have someone to keep you company.”

Turns out, that was a very true statement.

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