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Stocking the Freezer

Team Stein freezer meals baby prep

I’ve spent a few days over the last few weeks making freezer meals to have on hand for when Baby S. decides to make his debut. We’re planning to keep these on hand for those nights after our visitors have left and we’re just too exhausted to even think about dinner, let alone actually make something. We’ve got about 6 or so different meals ready to go, and each one will likely get us through at least 2 dinners and some lunches with leftovers. Continue reading


Clothespin Bag

clothespin bag team stein

I wanted to do a super quick post to elaborate on the clothespin bag that I made a few weeks ago. Now, a clothesline is a new thing for Team Stein and I am absolutely loving it. There’s something so fresh and clean about clothes dried on a line in the backyard, plus it makes me feel like I’m the best homemaker on the block when all of my clothes are out there blowing in the summer breeze. It’s the little things, right? Continue reading

He’s on TV again.

In case you missed this on T’s Facebook page or the airwaves of Minnesota television, I’ve posted it here for your enjoyment.

He’s back at it in this new promo for the ’45TV Institute of Laughter’.

A Brief Recap of July

There’s a lot of pressure with this post.  I mean K basically called me out in her last post for not blogging in a timely fashion.  Which, to be fair, is quite accurate.  But, also to be fair, I’m a lazy blogger.  Since that’s all cleared up…onward! Continue reading

Holy Crap.

We are exactly one month out from Baby Stein’s due date. Where did the time go?!?!

I try not to post a ton about baby here, but for those who are interested in all things little people, continue reading. For those who aren’t, feel free to check back later for non-tiny-human things in the life of Team Stein. T has a great post coming up about a jam-packed weekend full of swimming holes, pizza and baseball. Let’s admit it, his posts are usually way better anyway.  🙂

Continue reading

Another one down.

We celebrated T’s birthday a few weekends ago with homemade paleo donuts for breakfast, the Lego movie, money for tickets of his choice to an upcoming event, a birthday banner, movie at the cool old theater nearby and dinner at a new restaurant. All in all, a solid way to spend your birthday weekend.

Here’s to another year!

Go Team Stein