Holy Crap.

We are exactly one month out from Baby Stein’s due date. Where did the time go?!?!

I try not to post a ton about baby here, but for those who are interested in all things little people, continue reading. For those who aren’t, feel free to check back later for non-tiny-human things in the life of Team Stein. T has a great post coming up about a jam-packed weekend full of swimming holes, pizza and baseball. Let’s admit it, his posts are usually way better anyway.  🙂

As for those of you who are still reading, here is a brain dump from my nearly 36-week pregnant self:

  • Starting with what I’ve been up to the last few weeks: I’ve made a ton of progress on the nursery (sneak peek here and another update coming as soon as we finish it up), sewed 2 little monster stuffed animals, finished Baby’s going home outfit for the hospital, started packing Baby’s hospital bag, thought about packing mine, washed all the sleepers and gowns that Baby will wear for the first few weeks, loaded up his dresser with all of the wonderful goodies that we’ve received from friends and family, washed all the cloth diapers in my stash (we’re going to give it a shot), sewed a clothespin bag (tutorial coming soon) for said cloth diaper experiment, washed all the pacifiers, purchased nursing bras, sewed a bazillion cloth wipes and made at least a half dozen trips to either Target, the fabric store or Babies R Us.

Team Stein monster nursery

Team Stein cloth diapers baby

Team Stein clothespin bag

Clothespin bag

  • Let’s talk about me: I’m feeling wonderful at this stage of pregnancy, though Baby is starting to feel a bit heavy. I’m noticing that it is MUCH harder to bend down, especially to put on shoes, and get up from bed. Poor T has had to deal with a bed full of 8 various pillows between the 2 of us and a wife who takes a solid 28 minutes to situate herself in bed before falling asleep, only to wake up another 2 times a night for a bathroom break and repeat the entire process again…other than that, Team Stein is happily cruising along towards D-Day.
Team Stein baby belly 35 weeks

Because I know you all want a belly picture.

  • Let’s talk about Baby: From what I know about this little guy, he’s a ninja who loves X-men. Seriously, he moves around like crazy when we’re watching X-men, but he totally slept through the last Tom Cruise movie we saw…he’s clearly already got good taste in film selection. Along with his love of X-men, I’m pretty sure he’s in love with pickled jalapeños, as I’ve been eating them on everything for this entire pregnancy. What can I say, he’s definitely the product of T and I. He’s gaining weight in there like a pro, right on track for how far along he is. He moves around all day long, only catching my lungs or bladder every now and again. I’m told he’s in the proper position, so as long as he stays that way for the next few weeks, we should be ready to tackle delivery like the champs I know we are.
  • As for my mental state: Can we just talk about the mix of emotions here for a minute? I’m SO SO SO excited to welcome this little one into our world and I cannot wait for the day we get to meet  him in person. I’ve known this baby since December from the inside, but how exciting is it going to be to see that perfect little face, the one that WE created? I imagine what he’ll look like, what color his hair will be, if it will be curly, what type of personality he might have… and I cannot wait to find out. He’s already so loved by us, our friends and family, I know he’ll fit right into our lives just perfectly.That being said, I’m terrified. Will delivery go as I planned? Will I have all the supplies I need? Will the baby come out healthy and happy? Will we be good parents? Can we provide for this child? Will he like his name? Will he like me? These are all the questions that run through my mind on a daily basis. The world is a scary place, and he’s got a big adjustment to life outside of the womb. I have faith in both T and myself, but this is something that I don’t think anyone can completely prepare for…and that makes me crazy. I like to prepare, and I trust my own abilities in pretty much any situation, but I’m responsible for a person. A human. That’s like nothing I’ve ever had to do before.

It’s all part of the journey to parenthood right?? Stay tuned, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of stories from the greatest adventure we’ve ever taken….


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