A Brief Recap of July

There’s a lot of pressure with this post.  I mean K basically called me out in her last post for not blogging in a timely fashion.  Which, to be fair, is quite accurate.  But, also to be fair, I’m a lazy blogger.  Since that’s all cleared up…onward!

We’ve had quite a busy July, with trips back to Nebraska and visitors up north.

Here’s how Nebraska went:

– Drive home.

– Partake in multiple 4th of July festivities.

– Practice Co-Best Man rap.

– Wedding shenanigans/Pinball/Wedding shenanigans/Wedding shenanigans

– Eat/Rap/Dance (The new GTL)

-Drive home.

Not a bad way to spend 4 days, if you ask me.  And yes, you read that correctly, I was part of this rap duo for one evening, performing a heartfelt parody of “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta” for one lucky bride and groom.


There may be a video of it floating around somewhere, but there’s also a good chance that if you saw it you wouldn’t get it…so no harm no foul, right?

We came back to the Twin Cities with another member of the family…surprise!  We had the baby already in NE!  Just kidding…calm down everyone.  Geez, can’t you take a surprise baby joke?  Anyways, my mom made the return trip with us and spent the week helping out around the house…and by helping out I mean she did all the crappy yard work that was not going to get done unless she stayed with us.

Just a few short days later, the extended family came for a visit that was planned entirely by my cousin and myself via text messages.  Now, if you were to poll my family, we are probably the last two people you would want planning any sort of trip you were going on, let alone only via text.  Some of those text highlights included phrases like: “Where do you live?” “Is St. Louis near you?” “Valley Fair is under water,” and “We have plenty of floor space for air mattresses.”  It’s a miracle that we even found each other, let alone spent four days together.

We tried to take them to a lot of our favorite Twin Cities establishments, all while keeping the kids entertained and the adults well hydrated…and fed.  First stop was the Nook, which included some old-timey bowling.



This was followed the next day by us telling the fam to go to the Mall of America without us (because when you live here you don’t really have a desire to go to the Mall of America), and then meeting up in the evening after walking 4 blocks through downtown with five pizzas to get to their hotel.  Actually, that was probably for the best because we had a big day at the swimming pond the next day.

Fast forward to the next day.  Swimming Pond!

Swimming Hole Team STein

…for 45 minutes until is started thundering!  Then…Playground!

Team Stein playground Team Stein playground

…which was great for the kids…and some of the adults!

20140723-113619-41779651.jpg 20140723-113621-41781459.jpg

A little Sarna’s for lunch followed the swimming pond excursion and then we all had to recharge a little bit before an evening that originally included Minnehaha Falls and a trip to Stillwater, but ended up including Pizza Luce and a trip to the three-story Target.  (Best laid plans of texters, right?)  It was probably a good thing because Pizza Luce is a place where a slice of pizza is like Will Ferrell riding unicorns on rainbows and having it rain Skittles…a little slice of heaven.

Half of the fam made it out to Minnehaha Falls the next day and enjoyed some seafood, minus the sea, plus a waterfall.  Sea Salt eatery…you should check it out when you come visit…because you know you want to now after trekking through this post.

So that’s it…July in a nutshell.  I’m not entirely sure where baseball fits into this, though.  Maybe K wanted me to explain when I went to a baseball game in June with 1/4 of Ten O’Clock Scholars…(deep breath, Ace Ventura style)…only to find that the parking garage I had entered only took cash so I had to get a special 5 minutes pass just so I could leave, there was no bank in sight so I drove 2 miles to two closed ones before parking on the street at a meter, realizing that I would have to come back out midway through the game to plug the meter, watching 4 innings of baseball before heading out to plug the meter, realizing that there’s no re-entry into the stadium, then leaving 1/4 of Ten O’Clock Scholars at the game and just going home because I don’t know how to attend a baseball game properly.  I blame Dan Marino for the entire thing.

Team Stein Minnesota Twins

Oh wait…she was probably talking about how we got the go to the MLB All-Star Game Fan Fest and get our picture taken with the World Series trophy.  That’s probably it.


Team Stein MLB fanfest team stein MLB fandest

Team Stein world series



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