Clothespin Bag

clothespin bag team stein

I wanted to do a super quick post to elaborate on the clothespin bag that I made a few weeks ago. Now, a clothesline is a new thing for Team Stein and I am absolutely loving it. There’s something so fresh and clean about clothes dried on a line in the backyard, plus it makes me feel like I’m the best homemaker on the block when all of my clothes are out there blowing in the summer breeze. It’s the little things, right?

Anyway, I created mine based off the tutorial found here. I will be the first to admit that I’m not the worlds best sewer, but I am pretty crafty. I found this project to be pretty simple, and made much easier with the help of Heat N Bond. I was able to complete the project in a bout 1 hour, start to finish. My measurements had to be slightly adjusted for the width of my hanger, so be sure to measure your hanger before blindly sewing away.

And here’s the final product. Now go make yourself something cute and functional for your clothespins…because I know you’re all dying to start using a clothesline after I’ve sold you on the idea.  🙂

clothespin bag Team Stein

Want to know the nicest part of this project? It’s versatile. You don’t only have to use it for clothespins, but could use them in closets for other storage, hanging in the laundry room holding lonely socks, a catch all for little things in the bedroom, hanging in the coat closet to hold your winter gloves, or whatever else your can imagine!


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