Stocking the Freezer

Team Stein freezer meals baby prep

I’ve spent a few days over the last few weeks making freezer meals to have on hand for when Baby S. decides to make his debut. We’re planning to keep these on hand for those nights after our visitors have left and we’re just too exhausted to even think about dinner, let alone actually make something. We’ve got about 6 or so different meals ready to go, and each one will likely get us through at least 2 dinners and some lunches with leftovers. In addition to the items below, we’ve also stocked up on pasta and sauce for a quick meal when needed, and I’m planning to can and preserve as much from our garden as possible with the help of my mom while she’s in town. That means plenty of pickles in the cupboard and peppers/tomatoes that are ready for soups and sauces.

Here’s what’s on our list, each one is linked to the recipe that I used:

Each of these pans are covered in plastic wrap, then foil, and should last for about 3 months in the freezer. I wrote the dish and baking directions on each one, so all we’ll have to do is thaw the dish then pop it in the oven for a home-cooked meal anytime we want one.

We normally just meal plan for a week at a time, so the whole “having-a-freezer-stocked-with-delicious-food” is a very new concept to Team Stein. And I can say that I’m already a fan every time I open the door and see all that yummy food just waiting to get in my belly.



One thought on “Stocking the Freezer

  1. kellylmcnelis says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my recipes! I hope you love them!!

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