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Sand vs. Beach

Yes, apparently there is a difference between Nebraska and Minnesota when it comes to volleying a ball back and forth on tiny grains of earth. For example, when mentioning to a few Minnesotans “I played some sand volleyball last night,” they will probably respond to you with the phrase, “What’s sand volleyball? You mean beach volleyball?” Then you may end up having a five minute conversation about how neither state is located on the ocean and will definitely have to explain how in Nebraska you play the aforementioned volleyball at bars that have “a bunch of sand out back.” It’s an interesting conversation, to say the least.


Little Monster Nursery

Little Monster Nursery Team Stein

Here we are, 2 weeks out from Baby Stein’s expected arrival and I can say with confidence that we’re ready…I think….I hope….oh dear god, are we REALLY ready for this?? Is anyone ever really ready for a baby? Eh, at least the nursery is adorable. Continue reading