So, August happened.

August was a busy month for Team Stein. And by busy, I mean, “we had a shit ton of big life events happening and barely enough time to process it all, let alone blog about it”. So, here’s the recap.

I guess I can start off with the biggest news. Baby Stein made his arrival and we couldn’t be happier. Meet the rookie member of Team Stein….Q!


After a long final month of pregnancy (he decided to come out over a week late!), a grueling 31 hour labor (21 of said hours without pain medication), and 3 hours of pushing, he finally decided to make his debut. And the moment he came out was the moment that we fell in love with his perfect little face. Hard. Who couldn’t love that little baby face?

In addition to Q’s arrival in August, we also celebrated K’s 30th birthday, a fun countdown to baby with a special activity or treat each night while we waited anxiously for labor to begin (which went well into the negative ‘days until baby’ count) and our 6th wedding anniversary. For those who know us, we like to celebrate our anniversary with the traditional gift, which was iron this year. T got K an iron bench for the recently landscaped yard and K got T a locally-made arcade sign for the in-process arcade renovation in our basement. While those gifts were great, Baby Q was the best little gift of all.


All in all, August was a kick-ass month.


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