We’re bad at this blogging thing.

So, here we are in October and we’ve posted an astounding ONE post for the entire month of September. I’ll blame it on the adjustment period, and not on the fact that we’ve been spending every free moment just staring at our baby in awe…or sleeping. Mostly sleeping.

September really didn’t have a ton going on for us by way of exciting things, unless you count sleep for 5 hours in a row exciting. Which, if you have a newborn, that’s like Christmas-morning-when-you-were-8-years-old exciting.

We had both sets of grandparents up to visit us on various weekends (mostly to visit Q, but they pretend that they’re coming for us too), and a few friends make the journey our way as well. T bought season tickets to the Timberwolves, K learned how to survive on 3 hours of sleep, Dude learned that a new baby is a pretty noisy little thing and all 4 of us learned the joys of a baby boy peeing on his own face 4 times in one night.

In addition to that, Q experienced a few monumental ‘firsts’: his first smile, his first Wild hockey game, his first trip to the apple orchard, his first walk in the stroller, his first sushi restaurant, his first bottle, his first wedding, his first Viking and Husker games on TV, and his first up close and personal encounter with Dude (which ended in very loud screaming and tears).


IMG_1621.JPGOh yeah, and T won an Emmy.


September was pretty good.


One thought on “We’re bad at this blogging thing.

  1. Kay Peters says:

    An Emmy!!! Woo hoo! Congrats Taylor soooo exciting!

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