Where’s the beef?

I like to think that 99% of the time I’m awesome. 1% of the time I’m a complete idiot – we like to call that “spaghetti brain” and apparently it didn’t go away once I was un-pregnant. It is to blame for many a dumb moment for the past year. There was the time that I used cream of wheat instead of almond flour in muffins. That other time that I couldn’t remember how to do simple math. The day that I misplaced my glasses for 20 minutes before I realized that I was indeed wearing them. On my face.

And then there was the day a few weeks ago when I got sent to the store to buy steaks for dinner and came home with what I thought were 2 good-looking steaks but actually were 6 super-thin steaks intended for fajita making to go with our baked potatoes.

That’s what you get for sending a girl who hasn’t eaten beef in 3 years to pick out delicious steaks for dinner.

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