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Merry Christmas

Team Stein wishes you a wonderful holiday season!



I’ve Changed

I knew that becoming a mother would change me.

I spent 10 months watching my body stretch and grow. I toiled away for hours creating the nursery, fretting over having to choose a paint color that would create the perfect home for our little one. I researched car seats and bottles. I cried real tears in the parking lot of Babies R Us when I couldn’t decide what kind of pacifier to get for the baby that wasn’t even born yet. I lived on 2 hour stretches of sleep for the first 2 months of his life. I worried over milk supply. I chose to not leave the house because I preferred to stay in with the baby. I actually used a nose frieda.

But the thing I never saw coming?

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High Fashion

After a long day at work, the highlight of my day is when I get to pick up the little man from daycare, as I’m sure that’s the highlight of any working parent’s day. But not every working mom has the benefit of being married to T, and that means they don’t get to play the fun game that I call “What is the fashionable baby wearing today?”

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More Singing is Necessary

Did you know that chimney sweeps don’t actually dance into your home singing Chim Chim Cher-ee and carrying a chimney brush? I know, I was disappointed too.

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Confessions of a Daycare Dad

team stein daycare dad

Daycare is hard.  Not just for the kids/instructors/pocketbook, but for Dad too.  And, being the lucky one that gets to drop Mr. Q off in the morning, I feel like there are some things I’ve learned over the last few weeks that can help the new dads of the world out there.  Maybe.

1. You will forget something…just make sure it’s not the kid.

2.  The dog can watch the kid while you start the car…because that’s a better option than playing freeze-out with a small person you’re tasked with keeping alive until the end of time. Continue reading