High Fashion

After a long day at work, the highlight of my day is when I get to pick up the little man from daycare, as I’m sure that’s the highlight of any working parent’s day. But not every working mom has the benefit of being married to T, and that means they don’t get to play the fun game that I call “What is the fashionable baby wearing today?”

My work schedule dictates that I leave the house early while all of my Dudes continue to sleep as much as they can. That means, I’m out of there and the whole family is in their pajamas, leaving T to handle the morning routine without me. Thanks to the generosity of a first-time aunt and grandma, the kid has a plethora of choices for daily wear. There’s the cute corduroy moose outfit with matching fleece vest, the bowtie onesies that were handmade by Aunt C, the awesome sports team shirts, 8 billion different zip-up footie outfits, and god-knows how many different onesies to pair with little tiny pants. Basically, a crap-ton of options.

Now, we’ve got the most handsome little baby I’ve ever birthed, so clearly his style would reflect that. But the other day I came home and the kid is wearing this:

go team stein beach

Is this T’s subconscious telling us we’re in need of a day at the beach?


One thought on “High Fashion

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