Winter Vacation

For some, winter vacation equals holidays…relief from school…a chance to see family…or the perfect time to try quail eggs.  For others, like Team Stein, it’s a chance to get away from frigid Minnesota and travel the world.  Being so far north already, we figured, “What the hell?  Let’s go to Canada.”  We’d never been and knew nothing about Winnipeg except that they had a professional hockey team, and figured we’d avoid the hassle of “tourist season.”  Plus, it was within driving distance, which sealed the deal.

Winnipeg City Skyline

Sadly, we didn’t make any seal deals while we were in Winnipeg and we didn’t even take our little Buster, Q, with us.  But we did have a splendid time doing things that adults without kids take for granted.  Case in point, our activities included:

  • Driving with the music really loud
  • Sleeping
  • Walking outside in -10 degree temperatures
  • Eating Canadian chicken wings (which don’t have sauce on them, just a bunch of spices)
  • Buying $2 Canadian gloves
  • Iceskating on the Red River (with Canadian gloves on!)
  • Eating Canadian pizza (to see if it taste like real pizza or Pizza Hut…now you want to know, don’t you?)
  • Going to movies (yes, plural…we saw Interstellar and The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1…and even though we were in a foreign country there were no subtitles)
  • Accidentally ordering $35 worth of A&W because the value meals make no sense (when you have to ask for a “Mom” (single cheeseburger), a “Dad” (double cheeseburger), or an “Uncle” (some sort of speciality burger) bad things happen)
  • Watching cable (a “luxury” we do not have at home)
  • Finding Nathan’s Hotdogs…on a restaurant menu…and eating them
  • Trying poutine (which is not sexual in any way)
  • Napping
  • Eating Canadian sushi cones (which is not sushi in an ice cream cones like K thought)
  • Remembering why we enjoy each other’s company

Let’s face it…when you have a baby, you have to get very creative in your quest to travel the world.

Ice skating Red River Winnipeg Team Stein


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