Valentine’s Day my way


Let’s be honest, I haven’t had much time to do anything for myself lately. The “house duties” always take priority and this gal was really needing to get her hands dirty and creative juices flowing. A few weeks ago, I decided that the cleaning could wait, dirty clothes were fine sitting on the floor and dishes in the sink weren’t going anywhere…and Valentine’s Day projects were happening instead.

I pulled out all my supplies, settled Q on his activity mat next to me, and got down to business. And this lady crafted all damn day.

I made garlands and the XOX*heart (they only had one O at the store, but that wasn’t stopping me). The wreath was created by my equally crafty mother when she was in her fancy wreath phase a few years ago.

IMG_3215 IMG_3222

I made this great ‘love’ picture with Q’s handprint and footprints – thank you Pinterest for the inspiration.


I sewed a bowtie (actually this wasn’t the same day, and I was assisted by my lovely sister with this one, but its still a V-day craft so it totally counts).


I made a bandana bib (also not the same day, but eh, technicalities never stopped me). I would have had Q model it, but the non-napper has decided that sleeping isn’t so bad and he’s actually taking a nap today, allowing me to finally update this blog for your enjoyment. So you get Monsieur Monkey instead. Clearly, he’s French. But with an American mother who instilled the love of the Wild West into him by showing him classic Clint Eastwood films as a child, hence the cowboy-style bandana. His dream is to make it an old-timey photo booth in Deadwood someday. And yes, all of our child’s toys come with a backstory.


I also ordered V-day gifts for my boys and got T’s wrapped up with leftover garland supplies.


It was a glorious day for this crafty mama!



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