So, here we are in April. Apparently, we’re so super-busy doing these amazing and glamorous Minnesota things that we can’t find the time to even post one entry in March.

Ha! Let’s be real for a moment.
We hardly do anything more than wake up, feed the baby, go to work, eat dinner, feed the baby, change a diaper or two and head back to sleep…man, we sound awesome huh? Its a good day if I manage to have my hair in anything that’s not a ponytail. If I’ve showered and put on makeup? Damn, I must really be feeling like a rockstar. And don’t even try to bring me down if you see me wearing a necklace, I’m unstoppable if I’ve managed to coordinate jewelry to my outfit.

Anyway, I digress. We were finally able to venture out of the house last weekend and we even tried a new restaurant, thanks to a visiting vegan friend. After some research into vegan restaurants up here, we landed on World Street Kitchen and we were not disappointed. T and I had fully non-vegan, carnivore-pleasing sandwiches, and our guest had a mushroom/squash taco plate. Q was content chomping on a spoon, so I guess, technically, he was eating vegan too.


For all of you future Hotel Stein visitors with dietary restrictions, we offer free transportation to WSK included with your stay. We plan on heading back to try more menu items, and would love to take you with us.

For those who live here and haven’t gone to WSK yet, do it. Do it right now. You’re missing out on some damn good food.


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