Boys are gross.

After a delicious meal of spaghetti the other day, I set Q down on the other side of the baby gate while I cleaned tomato sauce from everything in the kitchen. He was happily playing with the bars on the gate while I worked. I heard him start making what we call ‘Tina noises’ (Q makes this noise that sounds just like the groaning that Tina Belcher in Bob’s Burgers makes). Knowing that usually means he’s got something in his hands and/or mouth, I wondered what he could possibly have since I scoped out the area before setting him down. He can’t move yet, so he must just be eating his hands or the baby gate, I thought.

Wrong. He had somehow scooted over to grab my shoes and was eating them. Shoes that I wear outside and have had for years were in his mouth.  I repeat. In. My. Baby’s. Mouth.

 Germs are good for them, right?


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