Glitter on the Wall


I spent the better portion of a weekend or two re-evaluating my current jewelry system. I had a nice, stand-alone jewelry armoire, but it just wasn’t  cutting it in our new home. Our bedrooms are smaller here, so I just don’t have the space for my jewelry to have its own furniture.

Enter my new wall mounted jewelry display. Isn’t it lovely?!?!



It was pretty easy to create, and I love having all my jewelry visible at one time. I feel like I’ll actually wear some of these pieces that I totally forgot I even owned!

To create my jewelry wall:

I bought two 1×6″ boards from Home Depot and had them cut them each into 3 even pieces for me. I spent an afternoon and stained them to my preferred color (using a blend of wood stains that we had around the house from other projects). My dad was visiting a few weeks ago, so I had him mount them to the wall for me using drywall anchors and screws.

From there, I started at the bottom and screwed in all the hooks that are holding my necklaces. I tried to space them out evenly, but I’ll admit, I eyeballed them and didn’t actually measure anything. I made sure that the top row of hooks were in between the hooks below so that necklaces could hang down in between them.

After the necklaces were hung, I used the same hooks for my stretchy and clasp bracelets and got those all hung up. For the cuff bracelets, I went back to home depot and bought a 12″ section of steel pipe, elbows and floor flanges to make a little handle. Once that was mounted to the wood using a few screws in the floor flanges, I hammered in a few nails to hold bangles in the space just above the cuffs. I added some more hooks for my rings to finish out the section.

From there, I measured out the spacing for the screw eyes that are holding all of my fish hook earrings (longer earrings on bottom, smaller on top), leaving a few blank eyes for additions to my jewelry collection. I also used a few long nails and screws to hold watches.

I took a piece of cork and cut it to size for my brooches, using tiny nails in each corner to hold the cork in place. Finally, I created the ‘canvas’ to hold my post earrings. I took a cheap picture frame from Target, removed the glass and backing, wrapped it in fabric and used a staple gun to hold the fabric in place. I needed to have easy access to the back of the ‘canvas’ in order to remove earrings, so I added to loops of ribbon to the top so that I can easily lift up the frame when I want to get a pair of earrings off.


Total project cost: ~$50


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