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The Dude Abides.


This is tough to write.  The dog who has been a huge part of our adult lives, and endeared himself to everyone he met, has gone into the great beyond.  The Dude.  For a dog named after the main character in The Big Lebowski, his overall demeanor and outlook on life was very apropos.  He was just The Dude, man.  There are nearly 12 1/2 years of memories to share…far too many for a simple blog post. Continue reading


A Glorious Return To Parading…Not So Glorious

Well, where do I start really?  I feel like the beginning doesn’t quite work in this instance, so we’ll need to travel way back in time.  My first experience with parades started and ended in the heart of Independence City…Ralston, NE.  (Note: that Ralston’s title of Independence City is undoubtedly self-proclaimed.  It had literally nothing to do with gaining our independence from Britain.)

The Ralston 4th of July parade was something I always looked forward to as a kid.  It signified the start of a fantastic day that involved hanging out with my extended family, eating, and lighting off fireworks.  Eventually, as I grew into a lad, I started walking in the parade as an actor as part of the Ralston Community Theatre ensemble.  TayParadeKidFun, but that was always much more of a chore than it was worth.  After all, you’re not supposed to be wearing wool, Oliver Twist costumes in 90 degree weather.  (Note: that reference happened but is not pictured.)  It wasn’t until I was in middle school that a glorious idea entered into my brain (or my mother’s…not sure who actually gets credit for this one): Continue reading