Monthly Archives: October 2015

Happy Halloween!

Have a spooky time out there tonight! The Stein Circus crew sure did.   


Eat Your Greens

We seem to have had an extremely good year for kale, as evidenced by the 2+ garbage bags full of the green stuff. How are we going to eat all of this?  

A to Z


Little Q is officially a toddler, which means he needs mentally¬†stimulating toys¬†and educational activities if we want to be considered good parents according to the internet. Mommy blogs insist that the only way I’ll have a smart young man is if I offer him a wide variety of flashcards, math games, classical music and lots of reading. I often find myself letting him play with an empty diaper box while I try to at least cook him a meal that isn’t a quesadilla. It’s not quite Mozart or Shakespeare, but hey, he’s learning to put things inside a box so I call that a solid step towards learning to put his toys away. PROGRESS! Continue reading