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Little Q is officially a toddler, which means he needs mentally stimulating toys and educational activities if we want to be considered good parents according to the internet. Mommy blogs insist that the only way I’ll have a smart young man is if I offer him a wide variety of flashcards, math games, classical music and lots of reading. I often find myself letting him play with an empty diaper box while I try to at least cook him a meal that isn’t a quesadilla. It’s not quite Mozart or Shakespeare, but hey, he’s learning to put things inside a box so I call that a solid step towards learning to put his toys away. PROGRESS!


In order to make myself feel a little bit better about the fact that one of his favorite toys is essentially trash, I’ve finished up my latest project for the little man – a soft, toddler-friendly, magnetic alphabet made from felt for our fridge. Now I can at least say that we’re practicing the alphabet. I was inspired by this post, so I set out to gather my supplies and get to work. One month later, I had a complete alphabet and let the little guy have at it.


He’s yet to assemble a single word, but in my eyes he’s the smartest little boy in all of the land. Even if his favorite activity now involves putting said educational treasures into the diaper box and pushing it around.




One thought on “A to Z

  1. […] may remember that I spent some time creating a great magnetic alphabet for Q to play with on our fridge. It was a labor of love, taking way more time and effort than I […]

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