Short Lived

You may remember that I spent some time creating a great magnetic alphabet for Q to play with on our fridge. It was a labor of love, taking way more time and effort than I anticipated, but with beautiful results. So beautiful that I spent another two months creating a second set for my niece for Christmas.

I finished her set up a few days after Christmas and finally packed away my felt, thread and needles. The other day, Q decided that 26 letters was just too many for his liking. He preferred an alphabet of 24 letters. And now we must pay our respects to ” C ” and ” I “. I tried my best to resuscitate them, but after being secretly thrown in the trash by Q, landing on an old chicken wrapper and getting doused in leftover drippings from our roasted chicken, they just weren’t able to be saved.


Let us take a moment of silence for those we lost today. ” C ” and ” I ” have touched our lives in a very special way, and they’ve been taken away from us much too soon. That alphabet just isn’t complete without you.


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