Recipe Recap

Pot on the gas stove

Since my last recipe inspiration post was so popular, I thought I’d make it a regular thing. Here’s the new recipes we’ve been trying lately:

Crockpot Chicken Wild Rice Soup – I found this one on the blog of a Minnesotan, so I knew it would be good. We made this exactly as the recipe stated and it was amazing. Thick, creamy and hearty…the perfect winter comfort food. I’ve since pinned few more from her site, so take a peek around while you’re there to see what might strike your fancy.

Homemade Runzas – This is our Nebraska upbringing coming through up here in the great white north. While I’ve never been huge on Runzas, we got the idea to make these after having some leftover cabbage in the fridge from our favorite fish taco recipe. I did a quick Google search, came across a site called Nebraska Grandma Tips and Tricks, and figured I couldn’t go wrong if this was a sweet grandma’s recipe from the Cornhusker state. And man, it didn’t disappoint. I made ours with half beef, half sausage and added shredded swiss cheese when stuffing the dough, but followed the rest of the recipe as written. My bread didn’t rise at all – not sure what happened there – but it didn’t impact the taste whatsoever. While these were a lot of work, we now have a freezer full of these delicious little buns to grab and go on our way to work. That makes it completely worth it in my opinion. The next time we make these, we’re thinking about spicing them up a bit with taco seasoning and pepper jack cheese. The possibilities are endless!

Jalapeno Chicken Cheddar Meatball Sandwiches – This one comes from another one of my favorite foodie blogs. We’ve had luck with most everything we’ve tackled from her site, and this was no exception. I made these as directed (but halved the recipe) and they were delicious. Our only complaint is that the chicken meatballs seemed a bit dry, so I might add some bacon or something to them next time to make sure they stay nice and juicy. This would be a perfect recipe for a Super Bowl party!



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