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Recipe Recap – Paleo Edition

Pot on the gas stove

I’m back again, but this time we’re eating paleo. We’ve done this paleo thing before, so its not anything new to us, but it still doesn’t mean that we don’t crave us some pizza around here. It’s especially challenging to eat paleo when you’re regularly cooking cheesy filled tortillas for your toddler who refuses to eat anything else. I’ve never wanted a quesadilla so bad in my life.

Let’s be real for a minute. None of this food is going to hit the spot like an oozing, cheese-filled Juicy Lucy or giant plate of spicy, cheesy nachos will (clearly, I’m missing cheese the most). But, this food will leave you feeling guilt-free and possibly lead to a few lost pounds along the way. ¬†Enjoy! Continue reading


Brown Boots

poop emoji

So I had an evening last night. You the kind I’m talking about. The kind where you leave work super excited to go home and eat a delicious dinner, play with the child you’ve missed all day and accomplish a few things on your to-do list….but reality is NOWHERE NEAR that pretty picture you’ve been envisioning all day.

It started with a text from T, “I’m going to be a little late tonight.” Alright, no big deal, I can handle a 1.5 year old on my own for a little while until T makes it home. This might delay dinner just a bit, but no biggie. Turns out, to my husband, a ‘little late’ means a complete hour. To those of you without a toddler running about while you’re trying to unwind from work and make dinner, an hour may seem like no big deal. In our house, with a kid that demands snack the minute he walks in the door and will tolerate nothing less than serving him his pre-dinner snack RIGHTTHISMINUTE, an hour is an eternity. On top of that, we’re currently eating paleo, so this mama is ravenous – aka hangry with little to no patience. Continue reading