Recipe Recap : Paleo and Non-Paleo

Pot on the gas stove

We’re back with a few new recipes we’ve been sampling over the last few months. Enjoy!!


Czech Meatballs – These were SO FLIPPING GOOD. We ended up using a mix of beef and pork because that’s what we had available and it was still delicious. I would recommend cutting back on the salt because it was a bit much in my opinion, but I think I might be on the more sensitive end of that spectrum. I’m going to serve this with a pile of sauerkraut next time because that’s what my Czech brethren would do, I’m sure of it.

Cinnamon Beef Stew – Are you looking for a perfect weekend stew this winter? This is one that has to cook for a good 1.5 hours, so it is perfect for a lazy sunday at home. We served with a side of veggies, but it would also be yummy over rice.

Lemon Garlic Broccoli – This is a staple in our house whether or not we’re eating paleo. Q and I devour an entire pan ourselves, which is good, because T isn’t a huge fan at all. Regardless, this stuff is crack to people who love bold flavors. For those who are tackling baby-led weaning, or with small mouths to feed, we had a lot of success with this one when Q was first sampling foods.


Tater Tot Sausage Breakfast Casserole – This is an AWESOME breakfast casserole for your next brunch gathering. Super easy, super good. Everyone thought this was a hit, and we agree.

Latin Falafel – This was really good, but I have to admit we didn’t follow the recipe exactly. It was one of those nights where the toddler was screaming, we all got home late from work, and things just weren’t going as planned. I started making dinner, then realized my avocado had gone really, really bad. I ran to the store to pick up another one, the store didn’t have any avocados that weren’t rock-hard, so I came home with Holy Guacamole instead. I started cooking my patties and they all stuck to the pan and completely fell apart. No biggie, we’ll just have ‘deconstructed’ falafels. I went to grab the pitas to get everything plated up, and they had gone moldy. So basically, we had crumbled up falafels with store-bought guacamole on tortillas instead. Close enough right?


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