The Great Escape

This past weekend marked a large milestone in the life of little Q…or maybe we should refer to him as Big Boy Q from here on out since he’s officially made the escape from the crib into his big bed. Yes, our baby is a baby no more.

Q spent his last night in his crib on Friday, with no idea that he was going to get a taste of freedom the following evening. I would say that he slept like a baby, but he was the baby who refused to sleep for 18 months, so that’s not quite fitting.  He slept like a “normal.”

big bed toddler

T and I spent the next 20 minutes reminiscing about Q’s first night in the crib and having a good cry. I could blame my heightened emotions on the pregnancy hormones, but that would be a lie. Honestly, it was harder than I thought it would be to leave the crib behind. He was growing up and the proof was staring me in my face in the form of a big, white, unassembled twin bed waiting for its new home. The tears flowed freely and I could hear T on the monitor struggling through ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ with his not-so-baby boy in his arms.

The next day, we went about our business through nap. Then, the time had come. Q and I bid our goodbyes to the crib, giving it a big ‘hug of love’ and saying thank you for the wonderful sleeping. The stuffed animals were removed; the sheets thrown in the laundry and the screwdriver put to work. The crib was taken apart and moved into what will become the new nursery, and Q had officially escaped his “baby cage” for good.

Q assumed the role of foreman as we continued on with the assembly of his new bed. (A lovely donation from Q’s 2nd cousin – complete with a butterfly sticker that T wants to cover with a Lego sticker. Boys, right?) He was determined to pull the all the pieces into the bedroom himself, without assistance, because “this is my big boy bed and I do it.” We managed to assemble the whole thing in about 2 hours without any instructions, thanks to the expert builders we had on hand (T, Grandpa and Q).

big bed toddler

After the bed was assembled (with only one trip to Home Depot!), we anchored the dresser to the wall, put the sheets on, arranged the stuffed animals and laid out the blankets.

big bed toddler

Bedtime was creeping up on us quickly, and Q was anxious to test out the new digs. We went through a normal bedtime routine, shut out the lights and left the room. Before we knew it, the kid was out cold and snoring nearly as loud as his father.  At some point before the adults went to bed, he was already upside down.


So, let the experiment begin!  But really, you know you made the right decision when its harder on you than it is on him.


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