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St. Patrick’s Day

As the temperature crept up the thermometer with spring just around the corner, Team Stein decided that a parade was in order. Not just any parade, but a St. Patrick’s Day parade on actual St. Patrick’s Day in St. Paul. Now, our preschooler had recently decided that naps on the weekends were no longer necessary, so that meant we needed to stay distracted to avoid the mini-meltdowns bound to occur in the late afternoon of a no-napper (just ask T…). Plus, we were feeling the brunt of cabin fever and the forecast was sunny and upper 40’s. And, when you’re a little Irish, it would be blasphemous to not celebrate, right? Continue reading

Daycare Round 2 – Team Stein vs. The Universe

Last week was a big week in the Team Stein household. As summer came to a close and September rolled in, we were facing the end of an era. K’s final days (ever!) of maternity leave came to a close, and with that came a baby going to daycare for the first time, a toddler becoming a preschooler and making the switch to the big-kid room at school, a mama re-joining the workforce after a short break, and a dad just trying to keep us all from having major meltdowns at any given moment.

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A woman’s post-partum body is an interesting thing. While I truly appreciate the fact that this body created two healthy tiny humans and is currently physically keeping one of them alive, I don’t appreciate the ‘stretched-out-jiggle’ that those tiny humans left me with across my midsection. So I decided that I’d just start running to get that pre-baby body back. Problem solved.

Except I haven’t done any intense physical activity since we’ve moved here. And to be honest, I didn’t do that much before we moved here either. I quit twirling in 2012, did a few months of boot camp after that, and then decided to just be. Continue reading

Recipe Recap: Paleo, Non-Paleo and Gestational Diabetes Edition

As some of you may know from our last post, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the final trimester of my pregnancy this time around. While the diagnosis was scary, emotional and unfamiliar (I didn’t have this with Q), it has been a learning experience over the last 10 weeks. I know that I’m not to blame for this – thank you hormones and placenta – but I have come to grips with the pokes and adjustments to my diet. With this diagnosis, I’ve had to say goodbye to cereal and spaghetti, but it really isn’t that much different than how we eat on a regular basis. Plus, I’m feeling really great because I am eating so healthy!

With that, I’ve compiled some of the recipes that we’ve enjoyed over the last few months. I’ve noted those that have worked really well with my GD diagnosis…just in case some of you find yourselves in this position in the future. With a few adjustments, you can still enjoy fabulous foods while keeping your blood sugars in check. Continue reading

The Great Escape

This past weekend marked a large milestone in the life of little Q…or maybe we should refer to him as Big Boy Q from here on out since he’s officially made the escape from the crib into his big bed. Yes, our baby is a baby no more.

Q spent his last night in his crib on Friday, with no idea that he was going to get a taste of freedom the following evening. I would say that he slept like a baby, but he was the baby who refused to sleep for 18 months, so that’s not quite fitting.  He slept like a “normal.”

big bed toddler

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7 Things I’ve learned From Having An Almost-2-Year-Old

Truth be told, there are many more things I’ve learned from the statement above but I don’t count much past seven these days…because I have an almost-2-year-old. Continue reading

Adventures In Dadding (Sh*t-Filled Edition)

First things first: I’m a Monday morning stay-at-home Dad, which, I assure you, is a “thing.”  The bulk of this story happened over a few months ago.  Either it has taken me this long to get over it or I used my powers of procrastination to their fullest extent.  Regardless, the story is here now.

Let’s start by painting a figurative picture.  It’s a typical Monday morning.  The sun is effortlessly sliding through the crack in the living room curtains, ever-so-slightly illuminating the toys that are scattered about the floor.  It’s a subtle nod to the next four hours of life; no work and all play.  Q is awake, which means he’s been ready to grab anything within reach (toy or not) and make sure it gets my undivided attention.  If I’m being honest, it’s just as fun for me as it is for him.  When else can you steer a laundry basket spaceship around the house?  (Maybe Friday night.  Maybe.)  For the next two hours, life is grand.  The following hour felt a little more like answering a question incorrectly on Nickelodeon’s Double Dare. Continue reading

Stick it to me

Those who know me well know that I haven’t had a great relationship with needles in the past. Getting my blood drawn has been known to take up to 6 sticks in various locations on my arms and hands thanks to ‘deep veins’, knowing that I’m going to be receiving shots at an appointment makes my stomach tie in knots, my heart rate spikes to unheard of levels when waiting in the hospital for a procedure, and I convinced myself that I was going to have a natural birth based solely on the fact that the epidural was a needle INTO YOUR SPINE*. Continue reading

Dad Victory? You Tell Me.

Being the first parent to be left alone with your offspring for an extended period of time is kind of like a badge of honor.  If you would have asked me six months ago, I would have guessed it would be K that was wearing that badge.  I would have been wrong.

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Confessions of a Daycare Dad

team stein daycare dad

Daycare is hard.  Not just for the kids/instructors/pocketbook, but for Dad too.  And, being the lucky one that gets to drop Mr. Q off in the morning, I feel like there are some things I’ve learned over the last few weeks that can help the new dads of the world out there.  Maybe.

1. You will forget something…just make sure it’s not the kid.

2.  The dog can watch the kid while you start the car…because that’s a better option than playing freeze-out with a small person you’re tasked with keeping alive until the end of time. Continue reading