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Rainbow Nursery

rainbow nursery gender neutral

Here we are, within days of Baby Stein #2’s arrival and I’ve finally completed the nursery! We are beyond excited to welcome this little one into such a bright, colorful world. All furniture is from IKEA, and most everything else is handcrafted by me. Q did create his own 2 pieces of artwork for the baby and you can see it hung low by the bookshelf. The only thing left is to create an initial for the door once we know if we have a boy or girl joining our family.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this space for our last baby, and it feels so good to be done with this space. We’re ready for you anytime little one! Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Nursery

rainbow baby nursery gender neutral rainbow baby nursery gender neutral rainbow baby nursery gender neutral rainbow baby nursery gender neutral

Bleed and Dye

I had this great idea for 4th of July tie-dye shirts for TKQ this year. They would be cheap, satisfy my crafty side and look festive and amazing. We were going to kill the 4th of July fashion scene with our stylish t-shirts. Now, I just had to get down to business. Continue reading

Favorite Baby Shower Gift

Since having Q, I’ve got a pretty good list of the various items that fall under the “can’t live without” category for me as a new mom. As I was preparing for a good friend’s baby shower last weekend, I stumbled upon a super cute, yet practical, baby gift idea while browsing the internet. A basket full of our own “Favorite Baby Things”, loaded with the items that we loved when we had Q.

Baby Gift Shower Basket Favorite Things

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Short Lived

You may remember that I spent some time creating a great magnetic alphabet for Q to play with on our fridge. It was a labor of love, taking way more time and effort than I anticipated, but with beautiful results. So beautiful that I spent another two months creating a second set for my niece for Christmas.

I finished her set up a few days after Christmas and finally packed away my felt, thread and needles. The other day, Q decided that 26 letters was just too many for his liking. Continue reading

A to Z


Little Q is officially a toddler, which means he needs mentally stimulating toys and educational activities if we want to be considered good parents according to the internet. Mommy blogs insist that the only way I’ll have a smart young man is if I offer him a wide variety of flashcards, math games, classical music and lots of reading. I often find myself letting him play with an empty diaper box while I try to at least cook him a meal that isn’t a quesadilla. It’s not quite Mozart or Shakespeare, but hey, he’s learning to put things inside a box so I call that a solid step towards learning to put his toys away. PROGRESS! Continue reading

Glitter on the Wall


I spent the better portion of a weekend or two re-evaluating my current jewelry system. I had a nice, stand-alone jewelry armoire, but it just wasn’t  cutting it in our new home. Our bedrooms are smaller here, so I just don’t have the space for my jewelry to have its own furniture.

Enter my new wall mounted jewelry display. Isn’t it lovely?!?!


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Valentine’s Day my way


Let’s be honest, I haven’t had much time to do anything for myself lately. The “house duties” always take priority and this gal was really needing to get her hands dirty and creative juices flowing. A few weeks ago, I decided that the cleaning could wait, dirty clothes were fine sitting on the floor and dishes in the sink weren’t going anywhere…and Valentine’s Day projects were happening instead.

I pulled out all my supplies, settled Q on his activity mat next to me, and got down to business. And this lady crafted all damn day. Continue reading



In addition to the simple onesie every now and then in various shapes and designs (Q, Nebraska, turkey face), I tackled a car seat cover when the weather got cold. I think it turned out pretty cute! Continue reading

The alphabet and Q

We’ve discovered that Q loves his wall alphabet. He stares at it, talks to it and wiggles at it. Pure baby love.

We were hoping his first love would be us, but it looks like we were beat out by the letter U.